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flalger tiger bay club scholarship recipients 

The following individuals were awarded scholarships from Flagler Tiger Bay Club.

Student Name, Flagler County High School   Graduating ClassCollege/University  Area of Study  Award
Sara Coello - Flagler Palm Coast High School2024 University of FloridaFamily and Youth & Community Sci Program May 2024
Noreen Fajardo - Flagler Palm Coast High School2024 University of Central FloridaPsychology (BS)- Neuroscience TrackMay 2024 
A'Kia Harris - Flagler Palm Coast High School2024 Florida State UniversityForensic Science/PsychologyMay 2024 
Kaylee Hartline - Matanzas High School2024 Florida State UniversityHuman Rights AttorneyMay 2024 
Aun'Yale Howard - Flagler Palm Coast High School2024 Lynn UniversityPolitical ScienceMay 2024 
Leila Jackson - Flagler Palm Coast High School2024 Florida State UniversityPolitical ScienceMay 2024 
Leiamarys Rivera Virella - Matanzas High School2024 Daytona State CollegeCriminal JusticeMay 2024 
Caleb Bellegarde - Matanzas High School 


Stetson University  Law May 2023
Jackson Castaneda - Flagler Palm Coast High School 2023Georgetown University Political Science May 2023 
Cameron Driggers - Flagler Palm Coast High School 2023 Florida State UniversityBusiness/Finance May 2023 
Genesis Epstein - Flagler Palm Coast High School  2023University of Florida Business/Finance May 2023 
Katelyn Telfer - Matanzas High School  2023Florida State University Cyber CriminologyMay 2023 
Jada Civil - Flagler Palm Coast High School 2022  Florida A&M University Criminal JusticeMay 2022 
Jesse Doolin - Flagler Palm Coast High School 2022 University of Florida Law May 2022 
Sophia Mikos - Flagler Palm Coast High School 2022Stetson University Criminal Justice May 2022 
Brielle Palermino - Matanzas High School 2022Florida State University Criminology May 2022 
Bryan Soudrain - Flagler Palm Coast High School 2022Nova Southeastern University International Law May 2022 
Alexis Wilson - Matanzas High School 2022Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityPsychology  May 2022
Daniel Wolcott - Flagler Palm Coast High School 2022University of Florida Statistics, Research  May 2022
Lovie Haley - Matanzas High School 2021Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Homeland Security May 2021 
Reilly Maresca - Flagler Palm Coast High School  2021Florida State UniversityHistory May 2021 
Hope Singleton - Matanzas High School 2021Florida State University Law May 2021 
Jessica Slusarz - Matanzas High School 2021University of Central Florida  Criminal JusticeMay 2021 
Brianna Whitfield -Matanzas High School 2021University of Central Florida Law  May 2021
Kyle Alves - Flagler Palm Coast High School 2020Wake Forest University Medicine  May 2020
Cameron Coates - Flagler Palm Coast High School2020  University of FloridaEngineering  May 2020
Brea Dwyer - Matanzas High School 2020  University of FloridaPublic Relations  May 2020
McKenzi Flis - Matanzas High School 2020 Stetson University Business May 2020
Grace Ledrich - Matanzas High School 2020 University of Central FloridaEngineering  May 2020
Kristina Mercado - Matanzas High School 2020University of North Florida Education  May 2020
Katherine O'Mahoney - Matanzas High School 2020University of Florida  Business/Finance May 2020
Angela Snider - Flagler Palm Coast High School 2020Brown University Civil Rights Lawyer May 2020 
Kelly Steffens - Matanzas High School2020 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Homeland Security May 2020 
Liying Wu - Flagler Palm Coast High School2020University of Chicago  Engineering May 2020
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