Who We Are

Flagler Tiger Bay Club is a nonpartisan club that caters to a diverse group of members.  Our members have a keen interest in politics, things that affect politics, civic, and other current event issues that impact and shape our daily lives.  Our members have common bonds in: civility; respectful and frank dialog and discussion; and commitment to making our community and lives better through differing points of view, knowledge, and information sharing.  As a nonpartisan organization, Flagler Tiger Bay Club does not endorse candidates or take sides on issues. 

We ensure the stability of our nonpartisanship organization through a Board of Directors made up equally of Democrats, Republicans, and Non-Party Affiliates.  Our current Board is comprised of six (6) registered Democrats, six (6) registered Republicans, and three (3) registered Non-Party Affiliates (NPA).  The officers in our organization are elected every two years.  The executive leadership (Board Chairman and President) rotates between Democrats, Republicans, and NPA’s each election cycle.  No one party has control of executive leadership or the Board.

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