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Where Do We Go From Here? How Do We Move Forward Together?

  • January 16, 2019
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Hammock Beach Resort, 200 Ocean Crest Dr., Palm Coast, FL 32137


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A lifetime walking the corridors of power in government and industry, advising every president since Kennedy and sitting on some of the most powerful corporate boards in the country, gives Dr. Robert Brown an unparalleled perspective about our past, present and future...



    ...Dr. Brown has a lifetime of achievements helping to make our: country: states and communities: and countries in the continent of Africa better.  Dr. Brown has often been consulted as the ultimate behind the scenes mover and shaker for: national and world leaders; captains of industry; and global and national human rights, civil rights and religious leaders.


    In 2016, voters asked for transformational change.  The political focus seemed to be on what divides us not what unites us.  Was 2016 a seminal event or an outcome of a continuing desire for change building for years?  Some argue the will of the people based upon the mandate popular vote.  Others argue a mandate based upon the rules of electoral college.  2018 seems to have produced a mandate based on the diversity of America that has made our Nation great.  The common mandate in both elections seems to be the desire of the people to have the Government and all work together to accomplish the common good.  Where do we go from here?  How do we move forward together?  Have we been here before?  Dr. Brown will share his thoughts, experiences, and our past in addressing these and other questions.


    Dr. Robert Brown will sign copies of his new book You Can't Go Wrong Doing Right after the luncheon.

    We are happy to offer hardcover copies of his book in our exclusive Flagler Tiger Bay Club Online Store.

    Limited quantities are available.


    An unforgettable account of a quietly remarkable life, Robert Brown’s memoir takes readers behind the scenes of pivotal moments from the 20th century, where the lessons he learned at his grandmother’s knee helped him shape America as we know it today.
    Called “a world-class power broker” by the Washington Post, Robert Brown has been a sought-after counselor for an impressive array of the famous and powerful, including every American president since John F. Kennedy. But as a child born into poverty in the 1930s, Robert was raised by his grandmother to think differently about success. For example, “The best way to influence others is to be helpful,” she told him. And, “You can’t go wrong by doing right.” 
    Fueled by these lessons on humble, principled service, Brown went on to play a pivotal, mostly unseen role alongside the great and the powerful of our time: trailing the mob in 1950s Harlem with a young Robert F. Kennedy; helping the white corporate leadership at Woolworth integrate their lunch counters; channeling money from American businesses to the Civil Rights movement; accompanying Coretta Scott King, at her request, to Memphis the day after her husband had been shot; advising Richard Nixon on how to support black entrepreneurship; becoming the only person allowed to visit Nelson Mandela in Pollsmoor prison in Cape Town.
    Full of unbelievable moments and reminders that the path to influence runs through a life of generosity, YOU CAN’T GO WRONG DOING RIGHT blends a heartwarming, historically fascinating account with memorable lessons that will speak to the dreamer in all of us.

    “Bob Brown is a civil rights icon and a legend in American history. His story is inspiring and crosses all political aisles. I will always be grateful for his friendship and advisement.  I admire his selfless commitment for the betterment of this world.” 

    Alphonso Jackson, Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under President George W. Bush

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